Nov 13, 2004

Today we all went dim sum for 2 hours...
(Wa lao..even my grama eat faster than tat lorz!!)
There was me, Charmaine, Shani, MJ, Windi and Jindi.
Went to Oriental Inn, and eat eat eat. 4got how many types of Bao we've ordered..
FF in 'Pin Yin"
"cha siu bao, lai wong bao, siu long bao, bo lor poa..." just SO MANY BAO!!!!
fried octopus legs (u no wad I mean?), porridge, siu mai, har gao, lor mai gai, lor mai fan, Pai Guat, Fong Zhao.... wa.. just too much to name!

Hope this wudn't be the last time that we'll sit together n eat dim sum. If everybody is coming back to Perth again, our Chrysanthemum gang shud get back and eat bao I guess... *hmm* MJ, u wanna join AR?

ITs late now, so I guess I'll just post some of the pics we took today.

~~YumMmmyy~~~ Posted by Hello

*lick lick* Posted by Hello

What are u lookin at?? Posted by Hello

Waa~~~ Cha Siu Bao ar~~~ Posted by Hello

Ho Mei Ar~~ Posted by Hello

The Chrysanthemum Gang Posted by Hello

Ho Bao ar..... Posted by Hello

dun hide Jindi!! Posted by Hello

All of us ? Posted by Hello

@Murdoch PnR, waiting for 98 Posted by Hello

Before I 4got... our receipt for da day....

Our BILL........ Posted by Hello

And while we're on our way, we saw the PERFECT chair (THRONE!?) for Her Majesty, Queen Bitch:

Chair For "QUEEN BITCH" Posted by Hello


later we all went library and study, i suppose is talkin rather then studying...
Studying group all in one table and talking group in another table..

@nite, went Korea BBQ with the Thai gals and Na-Yee... the clothes damn smelly man!
went utopia for a coffe.. then go home... study...

kay, Na-yee, Cherry and Chisa Posted by Hello

Na-ye, me, cherry and Kay Posted by Hello

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