Jan 3, 2005

Jan 3rd.... still a week to go b4 I have to decide which uni to go to...

*screams* I dunno where I shud go... If UNSW accepts me, I will go to Sydney. But what if they don't? so far, they still haven't got my final result yet.. and time is running out.

So, forget about UNSW. consider Melbourne, n Perth : where shud I go??
If Perth, I wud take Forensic Biology n toxicolgy in Murdoch
If Melbourne, I wud take Air transport management
Both double degree... which one shud I take?

I've been REALLY thinking about it a lot lately.. but still.. I couldn't make up my mind... what I am taking into consideration was the employment opportunities... want to graduate, n can find a job easily...

Can someone please help me????

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