Aug 27, 2005

Tick... tick.. tick.... 12am and Im sitting alone at home doing absolutely nothing. I'm bored. J&J are not here - feels a bit weird actually - its too quiet..

I was suppose to finish my reading log for Vet106 during today. But guess what.. temptation from the Sims....erm... I mean "The Sims2" (NOT Windi and Jindi) is too .. ya all know wad I mean.... I guess I REALLY have to put in some effort tomorrow ay?

Holidays are almost over.. Monday school starts again. I considered myself (well, i.e. Murdoch students) to be lucky to have a week break... just to get away from those shiiittyyy lectures... getting up early...etc. And really lucky to have such a great holiday with the Sims, Hui + Marko & Lydia.

Man I really thought about retiring in Busselton: buy a piece of land on the hill.. then I cud keep some animals.. go to the beach everyday and watch the waves... go to the vineyards and taste wine.... Gez.. wad a boring but meaningful life....

But back to reality - before retiring I have to go out and earn enough $$ before that dream come true. HAHA yah, ITS ONLY A DREAM!!! *hmm...* do u think I cud find a place in China like that?? Probably.. but security wud be the biggest problem...

Anyway.. I am still waiting for Windi to give me the pics, then I cud post it up on the net for ppl to see. We took LOADS of pics!!!

Take care ppl! Wud blog again soon if in a good mood ;)

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