Sep 23, 2005

*Whew...* Xtine told me NO NEED TO HAND IN LAB REPORT TOMORROW!!! THATS GREAT MAN! I was worried that I have to stay up the whole night to do that bloody lab report... haha, so went to Garden City to see ball gown with Jojo and Jimmy, have McDonals (chilli quarter thingie).. then went to some other shopping...

We went home... started making 'Garlic Muscles'.. our midnight snack at 11:30 pm.. *erm.. I know I probably shudnt eat but....* and we used like 2 big cloves of garic for 1 kg of Muscle... and IT WAS SO HOT!!!! Jimmy and I were trying to eat as much garlic as we can.. then we drink Coke ... and gosh...MY TONGUE WAS BURNING!!! Maybe next time we shudn't put so much garlic I suppose? HAHA LOVE GARLIC MUSCLES!!!!

Jojo and Jimmy influenced me a lot.. Xpecially enjoying food... --> gain weight..
starting next Mon me and Jojo and offically on a DIET... so ppl.. don't waste ur credit trying to call us or convience us to go out for dinner *this msg is especially for the TWINS ;> *

Well well well... I hope I can wake up earlier tomorrow... 8:30 for Cell Bio...

Gd nite ppl~~ miss u all!!

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