Dec 28, 2005

I'm bored.... I can't talk - finally lost my voice today *coughs coughs* woke up in the middle of the nite with a blocked noise and a supadupa sore throat.. I sound like the devil in "Exorcism of Emily Rose"...

Speaking of Emily Rose... I was listening to an online broadcast this morning, its about exorcism - tat guy was possessed by some demon, and they had the thing recorded (just voice) and gez... it sound like wad we've heard in Emily Rose.... and the gal was describing when the priest was starting the ceremony, the face and the body of the guy changed... IT'S SO MUCH LIKE EMILY ROSE!!!! ITS SO FREAKIN SCARY!!!

I am going to post the link up later... anyone who's interested and understand cantonese, go and listen... its like an hour long i think!

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