Dec 11, 2005

WOOOW!!!! Shopping in Thailand is really great...IT'S SO FREAKIN CHEAP~~~~

Haha leaving on tuesday morning... my dearest cherry... I am going to miss u.. hope I can go to switzerland with u next year... *lol* Anyway, played badminton in the evening with Cherry's mum, aunt and cousins. Seriously.. I am tired.. not because of playing badminton.. but because or nearly 10 days of shopping, my legs are tired, and dunno why the massage makes me even MORE tired...

Anyway. Kay is back in Thailand...I am going to met her in JJ market tomorrow... Gosh..... haven't see her for 1 year! kinda excited though... *hehe*

by the way.. lucky lucky that I passed all of my exams! Except the bit where I got two 69's... just 1 more mark I will get a D instead of a C.... but anyway.. I passed everything... thats more important ... HEHE

Take care everybody..... byebye *macks*

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