Jan 16, 2006

Countdown: 31 days b4 leaving for Perth again

*haizzz* I hate Perth.... I hate going back to that shittty, boring place. I wished I had choose Sydney b4, I think my time in Aust wud be more 'interesting'.

My grama just came back from the States for CNY, its great to have her back since there's an excuse for me not to go back to my parents - as my grama lives alone I can stay in her place to accompany her... and she got a necklace for my bday *yay*

My parents are going somewhere for their CNY holiday.... ggrrRREEeaattt... there's a few days where I can stay home without her .... I am getting fed up with her.... I really need some 'peaceful' and 'quiet' time alone.

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