Oct 21, 2006

China .... courteous!?

A very interesting article.....

Yao calls on China to become more courteous for 2008 Olympics

BEIJING - China's superstar Yao Ming said Chinese people must become more courteous before the 2008 Olympic Games, and he asked them to stop shouting in public and to respect pedestrians, state press said Friday.

"I suggest we work on our public courtesy," the NBA superstar said in an interview in the forthcoming issue of Beijing 2008, a publication put out by the organizers of the 2008 Olympic Games.

"For example, westerners lower their voices in restaurants so as not to bother other people."

"Jumping ahead in queues is a definite no-no."

Yao, a four-time NBA All Star with the Houston Rockets, has been praised in China as a model athlete and a cultural ambassador of the nation, as well as becoming a global sports icon.

"Motorists should follow traffic rules, respect pedestrians and stop to let them pass first," Yao said of China's notoriously dangerous drivers who rarely stop to allow people to cross streets.

"Such courtesies are no small matter, they are the sign of an internationalized host nation with a great cultural tradition," he said in the interview carried by the English-language China Daily.

He further urged Chinese people not crowd around athletes when they come to Beijing for the games, but allow "athletes a lot of personal space."

Yao earlier this year enraged China's seafood industry after he vowed never to eat shark fin soup -- a traditional Chinese delicacy -- in a high profile environmental campaign to save endangered species of sharks.

"You made rash remarks, without investigating the issues first and without any deep understanding of the real situation," a group of seafood associations said in an open letter to Yao.

China is the world's biggest consumer and importer of sharks' fin, with fishermen catching shark for its prized fins and throwing the living remains back into the ocean to die a slow death, WildAid, organizer of the campaign, said. AFP

As a Chinese myself, I am pretty interested in the 2008 Olympics - not so much about the sport, but in what the foreign newspapers have to say. A couple weeks ago I as reading the e-newspaper from HK, (from my vague memory) it was reported that chinese workers (i.e. labours) who are not from Beijing must leave Beijing during the time of the Olympics; some ppl (I am not sure who) are not allow to leave their houses to prevent overcrowding... etc. (sorry, but I cannot find the link to it.) This caused a bit of an outrage and heated discussion on the (chinese) internet... but what happens next, I am not too sure. Maybe the Chinese government closed down those forums?? Who knows...

So, back to the article.... China FINALLY realised how horrible its citizens behaved??? TOO LATE!!!! My grama said give the mainlanders twenty years for them to change, I say at least a hundred years! I mean its hard... its damn hard. Imgine the kids doing the same thing as their parents do, the grandkids.. probably be a bit better than the parents... the great grandkids perhaps a bit better than their parents.... the great great grandkids... and so on... how many generations does it take to change? I am not sure...

I know ppl who read my blog are mostly ppl who are not from China (including Macao n HK), I am not sure if u've ever heard about the HK Disney Land? As u know, majority of the tourists visiting HK and Macao nowadays are mainlanders, so Disney Land has a lot of mainlanders too! The (westerners) executives were shocked to see ppl sleeping on the benches, little kids peeing on the flower beds n fountains, ppl spitting everywhere, just to name a few. A frd of mine went there and she told me while they were queuing for the toilets, people would just cut come the queue. What's worst, there is a lady carrying her daughter asking her to pee into the washing basin!! WTF... its for u to wash ur hands, not pee!!

Motorist definitely do not respect pedestrians - zebra crossing is useless.

1) ppl dun use zebra crossing.
2) motorist won't stop even u are at the zebra crossing
Tips: when u see the car coming in ur direction... RUN!!!

Man... I got so much to say about China when it comes to this courtesy thing... its never-ending..

Can't wait to read wad foreign ppl have to say about chinese toilets..... -_-'''

****fingers crossed****


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