Nov 12, 2006

China's dog massacre 1

Today I'll just post a few links about this barbaric dog massacre.

I hope you guys will go and read (just click on the links)

I shall blog about it after I finish my microbio exam on Tuesday.

Will your dogs be one of them?


This one is in (simplify) chinese - "LuLu"
This a poor dog was reported to the authorities by FUCKIN HEARTLESS neighour. The authorities promise to 'give them back the dog' within 3 days. But they won't let the owner see the dog after 5 days (maybe the family didn't 'give presents' to the authorities?). I guess the photos speak for themselves. WHAT DID U DO TO THE POOR DOG??? The dog was ... in pain.... owners have no choice but to put down the dog.

Beijing Crackdown on Dogs Sparks Protest

Doggone! China's canine crackdown

Chinese county clubs to death 50,000 dogs

In China, a dog's life comes into vogue

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