Dec 17, 2006


The vet went back to Portugal with his gf on friday, that means I shall be free for the next two weeks.

I was there for the whole week, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I learned to do stitches and give injections, etc... things I never actually get to do when I was in the goverment there.

Also, I've adopted a dog from the vet there - QQ. It's just a mixed breed dog, female, desexed, < 3 y/o. Has been with the vet for 2 months and yet nobody wants her. Her heartless owner came on friday and said she want to put the dog down cuz nobody wants her (probably she dun wanna pay for her boarding).

I dun really understand the conversation between her and the vet as they were speaking in Portuguese, but we can see the vet was pretty pissed and the lady had a few tears (He later told me that he said how heartless she was to abandon the dog cuz she got a new house, etc). The lady wants to send the dog to Anima (sth like RSPCA) but the vet thinks the dog will have a better chance of finding a new owner at his place; "I dun want to send her to Anima, if she goes there, she's just a number, she is just one more there." After more 'talking' with the lady, the vet told us in english that he will have the final decision as to where the dog goes.

After a discussion with my mother, we decided that we can try to give the dog a home... at least we can try for a few days and see how it goes. Its not too bad at the moment but did have a few 'accidents' inside the house. And maybe its a young dog, its just super active and runs and jumps around ~_~

Too bad for the unlucky dog who got abandon in my neighbourhood... the lady had a baby and the man (owner) decided that he can just leave his dog outside the street... I tried giving the dog food and stuff, but its just very agressive towards me. At least QQ is not agreesive to me. Fingers crossed.. I hope somebody will adopt that dog soon. I cannot have another one at the moment. My dad's already not happy about us adopting another dog.

Take care people... happy holidays~~~

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