Dec 2, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone. Just wanna say, its so nice to be home.

Hell yeah - home sweet home. Its just wonderful to be around my babies again. I took all of my cats for dental scaling and found out that they all have ear mites (cuz it spreads, ok?), but other than that, they're all ok. Migu die suddenly b4 I went back, so I only have 7 cats left. I am going to bring my other 3 dogs for dental scaling on thursday.

Dia: Hello doctor, I wanna make a booking for my 7 cats.
Vet: *looks astonish for a few seconds*
Dia: Oooo no... not 7 in a day.. just whenever u have time...
Vet: U HAVE 7 CATS!??
Dia: Yea... 7 cats.. and 3 dogs...
Vet: OMG... How can you take care of so many?
Dia: *laughs* Its almost mission impossible...


I was bitten by my dog today - 3rd time. I dunno wad I do to irritate him - but if he bite me in the face I will surely kill him with my own bare hands. Stupid dog, I feed you everyday and still dare to bite me? CB...

Lastly, the vet mentioned above is my new 'family doctor'. He's a young portuguese, father and brother are both vets - but I think my mother sue his father b4... *haha* But anyway, he is very nice to me, and he's really kind to the animals. One day he asked me to accompany him to develop some microscope photos of ear mites found in my cats (haha he let him play with his microscope and ask me to find ear mites ;P)

Vet: Hey Tina, what do u normally do during the holidays?
Me: Er... nothing much really... I usually just help my mother out.
Vet: U know... if u got nothing to do during the holidays, you can come here and I can teach you something - like doing (microscope) slides... injections.. etc.. since you have so many animals, I can teach you something useful.
Me: R U SERIOUS...??
Vet: Yes, of course! Sometimes we've got dead bodies, I can teach you how to do post mortem and some other things.... be my guest.
Me: Wow...thats so nice of you doctor! *really shocked*
Vet: *smiles*

Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything like that... the vet offered to teach me?? I cannot even give injections while I was working in the goverment's vet clinic and I have to beg them to let me work there. But I guess he has other intentions other that just teaching me - I can help him translate cantonese to english. He's portuguese, cant really speak chinese and as u know, a lot of people here cannot speak portuguese nor english. So at least I can help him out with the english part.

I haven't start going there yet as I am really busy at the moment. But I hope its going to work out fine... but it shud be fun rite?

Oooo yes... I've permed my hair finally.

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