Feb 20, 2007

恭喜發財 Gong Hei Fat Choi!!!

恭喜發財!! 祝大家身體健康, 心想事成!!

Anyway, I'm back in Perth again... BOOORRRINGGG!!!

We went to Windi's house to have steamboat for CNY, Windi's bf is so nice to prepare everything for us! Thx Siew Bang!

Windi the "C Lai" cooking for us....

We ate so much!!!

So a new year, a new start...

I still didnt go to sch on time... Monday i was late cuz vicky did not set the clock rite after day light savings. Today I didn't hear the alarm clock ring and I missed chemistry AGAIN!! @#$@(#$*&!!!

Went Garden City shopping with vicky today, and bought myself some clothes; I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! I dun want big butt!!!!

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