Feb 6, 2007

January, 2007

Have been extremely busy in Jan:

My hand is healing slowly, it was starting to feel 'normal' when one day, I got 'poke' accidently by the scaple blade during 1 operation and my fingers are feeling numb again. WTF.. my middle finger is the worst...

So.. wad happen since the new year....

1) I was bitten on the wrist while trying to seperate QQ and Yuki from fighting. My left hand feels numb even till now.

**just skip the pic if u feel disgusted... hehe**

I have no choice but to send QQ back

2) Officially start working in the vet clinic as his assistant & translator. Love working with the son and not the father. The father's super feisty!!

3) Put down 3 dogs one saturday: One has 2 broken hind legs cuz he was hit by a car. The other one must be run over by a car.. when we got to the spot, the dog is still alive but u can see all his intestines, the whole abdominal area is exposed. Poor thing!! The last 1 was an abandon dog found in the street, severe pododermaitis

4) Found a lost dog (a pug) and put him in the canal, and we found him a good owner!

5) Adopted a new cat!! (pic later)

6) Someone tied a dog in front of my house, forcing us to take the dog in. But its a very agreesive dog and has got very severe pododermatitis, in the end we made a decision to put it down.

7) First time to see how the vet cut the tails of puppies and the extra toe of the hind legs (e.g. schunazer). Feel horrible while the puppy is screaming like mad and I have to hold it ~_~

8) The father (Vet) went back to hospital for surgery cuz they found blood clot in his brain formed during this accident in Portugal.

9) An african vet keeps asking me to work for him everytime he sees me; he even offered to pay me to leave Dr. Francisco immediately. Does he think I am going to leave Dr. Francisco becuz I dun get paid? HELL NO... mine is a volunteer job and I like my vet too much to leave (dun get me wrong, I am not in love with the vet). I think he is a lot more honest then the african vet. So far, I've only help the African vet a few times during emergency cases. He asked me to go work for him during my next holiday, oh well... we'll see.

10) Put down a 130+ lbs dog and we have to dispose it ourselves. Did a necropsy and found he has multiple cancers (Liver + pancreas, possibly prostate as well).

11) Took my dog for castration and did half of his dental scaling.. haa it was fun.

12)My dog Rocky as skin problems, but even the vets cannot be sure of what he has. The african vet suggested a sensitivity dog food for him cuz he's too thin, and for fuck's sake... that thing cost me ~$135 AUD for 15 KG bag and my dog is even thinner after he's on that diet! I also think my dog is allergic that dog food cuz it has been scratching a lot after he's on the diet. We changed back to normal food and feed him raw swine/cow pancreas, as me and the vet thinks he might have an exocrine pancreatic insufficiency -which means the pancreas is not secreating enoung enzymes for normal absorption/digestion of food. I hope I am going to see big improvements by next week

13) Went to Wynn's TRYST for the first time and paid $200AUD (cheapest on the meun) for a bottle of wine, shared between me and frd cuz we didn't know if u sit at the tables, u have to order at least 1 bottle. Tho its a little bit expensive for just 2 person, at least I enjoyed it. Love the atmosphere and hopefully I can go there again b4 I leave.

14) Make frds with some clients and 2 of them even made me something to thank me ^_^

15) While having lunch with my mum in a portuguese restaurant, I noticed this man keep looking at me, while I was washing my hand in the bathroom (toilets, washing basin are seperate), he suddenly appeared beside me and start asking for my name, number, etc (he did scared me tho) and of cuz.. ever since the Italian guy, I've learned NEVER to give my number because I am going to be in deep shit with ppl who just kept calling. Still, through out lunch, he kept looking in my direction and it just irritates the crap out of me. I wish i cud just throw the pudding in his face and tell him to F- off.

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