Oct 31, 2004

After the ball

YaY!! I am glad that the ceremony, everything was over!!!!! so nerve wreckin...
SO HARD TO WALK WITH THOSE SHOES!!!! i think this will be the first and last time i ever walk in such hight heels... *lol* Everyone looks nice with their gowns and tux.... the guys look really smart!!!

As for the ball, I enjoyed it, but not quite.....
I love dance the whole nite, but q-ing to have ur photos taken takes 4EVER!!!!
I saw something that I dun wanna see.... and it just ....ai.. no more mood...
Anyway, I finally give up n took off my shoes and go dancing!!! feel so much better!!!! ( i really enjoy dancing with some of the guys!!! *lol*)

We went dino after that - so sad that we we didn't go anywhere after that... i plan to party all nite long gar mar.... :(


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