Nov 6, 2004

This is dedicated to my very special friend, Emily

First of all, thx for being my frd. Thx for being so honest with me. Without your support through these 2 years, I probably won't make it throught. Thank you for putting up with my annoyin sms, and so on. You are the only one who wud tell me straight away what u dun like about me, whenever I make a mistake, or when I needed some really honest opinion, you know I'll always come to you. You've never let me down. You are always there when I needed someone to talk to, everytime when I am about to give up, you'll make sure u say everything u can to stop me from doin sth stupid....
(oh, thx for taking care of the dog! THAT WAS BIG HELP!!! I miss him so much... how's my baby doin??)

Juli and Mily - 2 very special frd Posted by Hello

Mily, remember when we first met? We hated each other... I think u r a bitch and u probably think I am a fucker!! But guess what? We're best frds - now and forever...
Whenever I needed someone to scold me - YOU.
When u needed someone to scold you - ME!!
We really make a good pair eh?

And it seems like only you are the only one who wud come into my house without screamin n yellin, askin me to tie Jason up... my dogs like cats like u.... so do my parents!! But one thing I just dun like is that they ALWAYS compare ur height with mine... . its REALLY annoying.... :P

Jason- having a bath, sth he hates :D  Posted by Hello

Work + bf = less time for me

Mily, I am sittin here, thinkin of you. 10 more days and I shall be back once again.
You will be my best friend forever -- you mean so much to me, u no that?
Can't wait to c u and my baby, haha your bf Agost!

Love u lots my dear, Take care *mwah*

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