Dec 4, 2004

Haven't update my blog for ages. I am not in the mood to change my template either.
I have been very busy (@ home)lately - taking care my cats n dogs, clean the house (that means to vacumm clean + mop the floor EVERYDAY cuz there's just so much "dog fur" on the floor each day).

And my frds are having lots of assigments n test b4 the holidays, so I cud hardly find anyone to go shopping wit me... only saw 3 of my frds so far... sad eh?

Anyway, that Swinburne Uni has already accepted me... I am still waiting for UNSW .. though hopes are not really that high.... but I dun think I will stay in perth next year... I miss all of my frds (apart from my homestay), but I dun really miss that place, I've stayed there for more and 2 years and I am sick of it..

Anyway, my frds overseas shud be back around mid December - shud be more fun when they come back

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