Feb 23, 2005

Oh well, I guess everyone wud be either starting or going to start uni very soon. To frds who are all coming back to Perth, welcome back! Ey, we must all come out in one of the long weekends or breaks n do sth fun to catch up~~

Wa lau...back to me again ah... Uni life sucks, seriously, IT SUCKS -- Have to wake up so early to go to da Uni, sit in the LT for 1 hour, dozing my head off cuz the lecturer is speaking with the same tone all through out the lecture. Next, head off with Ada to some notice board located in .... (Mars, Pluto or whatever) to see which tutorial or room u shud be in, you have to find ur way in and out of the Maze (da uni buildings) then head off to canteen... nth to do, so just eat n then gain weight..

Worst of the worst... ASSIGMENTS...2000 words about Cell biology.. n I was dozing already for my first lecture.. I'll die manz..... I had absolutely NO IDEA how to do my assigments. I mean, we just started uni, cud the lectures just give us a little guide about how to do it??

4 more years... 4 more years of mental and physical torture...


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