Mar 1, 2005


Jason having a bath Posted by Hello

My dog died - strangle to death - by my mother ....

Dun be mistaken... we didn't mean to... just to cut it short.. my dog in the backyard somehow got out and the 2 dogs start killing each other off... my mum got no chance but try to pull Jason away from the fight, but the 2 dogs wudn't let go of each other... I guess my mum pulled Jason on his chain for too long, so he suffocate n died.... (my mum was the only 1 in the house when they were fighting)

I know I sound terrible.. but HONESTLY, I AM GLAD THAT HE DIED - no shit, I mean it - This rottweiler has killed 1 of my little dogs, bite my cat, try to bite one of my Chow Chow to death.... pee somewhere in the house EVERY SINGLE DAY... I want to get rid of him for a long he's dead... WHAT A RELIEF!!!

talked to mum, the other dog was hurt too... he didn't came out the rest of the nite.. he just stays in his house all the time. Woo... I never knew he could fight that well before.. we always thought he wud be a loser... but today, we realised we were WRONG..

Now the big question is: What will dad say?? Jason is my dad's baby, my dad REALLY REALLY adores Jason... and Jason knows it... if something goes wrong.. he will hide behind "his dad" and try run away from punishments.

But somehow, I do feel sorry for Jason - although I don't really like him, but its kinda terrible for a dog to die in that way.. plus, we had him for 6 years, there will be, at least, some feelings for him. My frd said, "Whoo...Jason went to heaven lah??" Yeah mate.. to hell I guess - Heaven dun welcome dogs that pees everywhere.....

Another pic of Jason

he's lookin@u Posted by Hello

This is the dog which was fighting with Jason:

Rocky Posted by Hello

My chow chow.. the dog which Jason tries to kill

my Chow chow Posted by Hello
Isn't my Chow Chow adorable?? (he's my favourite!!!)

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