Mar 9, 2005

Time to update I suppose. I am so fuckin bored right now... not that I got nth to do, but rather, I dun wanna do. Got a few science book to read through, but I think I've only gone through 1 chapter in 1 of the books. Man... how am I suppose to read and understand a book when all I can see is VERY scientific words? I have absolute NO IDEA wad the lecturer is talking about... most of the time I just doze off in class.. or listen to my MP3. I dun enjoy Uni life at all.

Well well.... nowadays I am looking for a place to move... gonna go to a place opposite murdoch with ada tomorrow... dunno how's its like but hope its alright.. now I am hoping that they don't need to share 1 toilet with 4 bathrooms... thats too much I think... 2 is the best... 3 is... just okay.. ...*fingers crossed*...

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