Mar 11, 2005

Ada and I went to see a house yesterday - the man wrote: "$85/wk, include gas, H20 and electricity - u pay no more. Opposite Murdoch Uni blah blah blah" Hmm.. sounds pretty go us, so we decide to have a look.

When we reach the house, went up to the door... gosh... it looks like no one has been living there... its sort of old... dusty.. the lawn.. brown color I guess??
Anway, we went it... it was still okay, but when we walk up the stairs, I guess see 'stains' on the carpet.. whether it was stains, or fungus.. I am not too sure~~
went and have a look at the bedroom.... its Ok... but I wud buy my own mattress if I stay there... have a look at the toilet.. then have a look at the bathroom - EEEWWWW
I can't imagine even standing there.. the black n brown... indicating that no one has clean it for a long time...

Shocked... but still go downstairs for a look... went to the kitchen - hm.. I guess no one has clean and tidy it for years... the pans look like then haven't been wash or not probably wash for years.... Aiya.. looks terrible...

The owner was a nice man lah... but he got no wife to take care of his house.. and ppl who live there were as lousy as well. Cant imagine a guy stay there for 5 years >.<

Anyway, looking for houses now lar... hope to find 1 soon!

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