Mar 15, 2005

~~~It's getting depressing~~
I am getting damn serious about moving out of my homestay now - its too far and too expensive. Ada and I are going to see a house tomorrow opposite murdoch...4x2, also got swimming pool. The pics we saw on the net LOOKS pretty good, but I think we actually walked pass the house today... and looks sorta different... Hm... I guess we'll have to see first.

But still, if I can't anything by June, I will move to a place near Taylor's college. The house is very nice.. just that the room I will stay in is REALLY small.. and the 99/98 stops around 9:45 ... and that is something to think about..
I dun think I will be able to stay @ home every nite lor....

Anyway, tired man.. go sleep larz~~
Nite everyone....

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