Apr 11, 2005


Damn I have been waiting for this for soooo long!!! Term break, term break!! I went to Hui's place and stay for 2 nites, have a lot of fun - cooking!!!

Went there on Sat nite, teach Hui to make Pumkin Sago..then Jindi and Windi came and watch soccer, eat sago... laugh.. gissip... haha it was so fun

Then wake up next day, cook 'Hainan Chicken Rice', that was the first time we've ever cook the chichen but it turn out to be a sucess!!! SERIOUSLY, IT WAS YUMMY!!!
then we make our own spring roll - prepare ingredients, roll them, then fried them.. Woohoo!! IT WAS SO FUN!!!! (Windi & jindi, u guys shud be sorry that u didn't come and have lunch!!! Marko said it was SOOOO delicious!!!)

Windi n jindi, wait for u guys to come back, then we cook again 4 u ok??

have fun in Msia! Take care!!

Hmm.. I'll go to bed now, super tired! *winks*

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