Apr 24, 2005

I am finally sitting @ home in front of my computer. I've spend the whole week @ windi's place, it was fun. Vicki and Helen were so fun to stay with, and Vicki is a good cook, me put on 2 kgs just in a week.. (thank god I just stay there for 1 week!!!)

Didn't really study much. Before I went there, I packed all the books I wud need for my Vet107 exam. I thought I wud at least be able to study HALF of the exam, but guess wad? I only managed to study 3 lectures. Worst - I just found out that NONE of the things I have studied came up in the past exam papers - oh well, just fuck it....

so, went home on thursay, just wanna make sure I see my hmstay mother b4 her operation, and wish her the very best. She came back home saturday afternoon, poor woman... she showed me the wounds.. and oh god... that was terrible... I felt sorry for her, and I REALLY mean it.

Oh well, tonsillitis had struck me again... dunno y they just love me - they keep visiting me every few months, I guess someday in the future I shud have them remove??

Okay okay... .back to study again.... damn Vet107...


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