May 7, 2005

Went to Windi's party yesterday - have so much fun dressing up as "ladies" haha. We went to Burswood for Dinner, but damn it.... the guards were so strict - lydia and jennifer cud not get in da casino no matter wad... so well... after spending like 3 hours but still cudn't get in, we decided to go to Mark's house n play. On the way going to the carpark, the fucking escalator stopped suddenly, me, lydia n jennifer nearly fell down that bloody thing!

We arrived at Hui's place at about 12:30... and me, Hui, Jennifer and Lydia started playing Mah Jong until 8AM this morning... man.. we break our last time record (4:30 am) by nearly 3.5 hours!! WOOWWWWwww we're superwoman eh? After that we have scramble egg-like pancakes for breakfast... omelette.. toast and tea for breakfast..
n wait for windi to wake up n send us home :)


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