May 17, 2005

OOoohhh GGoooddd.....

Uni sucks.. I hardly had a break ever since the easter holidays. The last two weeks were just full of bloody reseach and studying for my exam. This week I got 2 essays due as well. One due tomorrow and one due on friday. One of my topic for FOU140 was something to do with communism, and if I think Marx principles were relevant today, and the other one was about Apoptosis - when cell suicide is a good thing (still researching on it).

Well, my opinion?? According to me, communism is just bullshit, and Karl Marx was living in his dream - communism is such a great ideology that will never work out. I remembered my ex-housemate Leon (no offence to China ppl) once argued that China will ONE DAY ACHIEVE communism - "when the technology and everything is at its highest levels, we can produce everything to feed everybody" - I nearly drop dead at my feet. Yeah rite, by that time, China might have already changed to Capitalism.

And in my own opinion, Carl Marx himself was to be blamed for the deaths for ALL those who fought for communism, and those who are are living in - Europe, Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam... how many had died for this stupid ideology?

*F* those idiots who still believed that communism will EVER work out.. open your eyes and LOOK...and THINK.... there will never be a day when everyone has a plenty of everything and the rich willing to share their riches...


P.S. When I finish my report on Apoptosis, I will blog it. HAHA


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