Jun 10, 2005

Haizzz.......... STRESSED!!!!!!!
Gonna move tomorrow, but nth is ready - no beds, nth. I seriously doubt if we cud move to our new home tomorrow. I hope its not going rain if not all my stuff at the back of the car would be wet. Anyway, if nth is ready, I will just stay in my homestay first. At least there is a table and bed.

How bad could the timing be? My exams starts on Monday and ends next Tuesday. I haven't study for the Monday one - I hope I cud find time to study it on Sunday and Monday Morning.

Monday - Foundation - I 'personally' think I myself haven't 'attend' any of these classes. Seriously, I have NEVER pay attention in this subject - cuz the lecturers are SHIT BORING, and I sleep all throughout the lecture.. or, maybe I just went off to the canteen to have coffee with lydia or Baram.. What have I learned? Basically NOTHING.
Friday - chem - well..yeah... not too worried about it... that one is a MUST PASS one....

Saturday - Human Anatomy and Physiology - fuck it! The worst subject of all - just looking at the past papers already make me cry man... all short Q and long Q (long = 30 marks each x 3) ... Ai~~ this exam really 'eat shit' lorz...

Next Tuesday - Vertebrate Physiology .. well... I haven't look through any of the pass papers yet so I dunno how scary it is. But I've heard that it composes of all short question and multiple choices... so.. I guess I shud be alrite eh?

I am not a greedy person - just PASSING the exams would be enough!!!

Next Thursday - GOING HOME!!!!! I AM GOING HOME!!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!

*~~Yah.. I think I'll need a good break~~*

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