Jun 19, 2005

Sunday - 4 more days to go before GOING HOME!!!!! I am just left with my Vertebrate Physiology on Tuesday and I am done with all my exam!!!

Did my Human anatomy exam on Sat.. well, it wasn't as bad as I thought.. at least i manage to read through some of the answers to the past year question which DID came out, and plus some of the stuff about on Human Evolution we learnt in year 12 - I think I am going to pass this exam...

Well well well... Nigel came back to Perth for a week, but so sad I only see him twice - I am having exams both on Friday an Saturday and I really can't find time to go out; and he left on Sat :( He lost a lot of weight.. his hair cut.. .. I miss the 'old' Nigel!
Dude, when I go to Singapore, I'll definately come visit you ok? Take care and I miss you!

Oh well, I guess I have a lot of catch-ups to do - haven't been going to the lectures as I shud have means I now have to go to ilecture to listen to all the stuff that I've missed out on.. I guess I will have to stay in Uni till quite late the next few days... =_=...

Okay.. that's about it... my house got sofa now so it looks more like a 'home' now. I'll try to take some pics so I can post it up... haha let u see my new home!
Take care everybody...
Update soon
(Oh ya, QB is sitting beside me and she says HI) *lol*

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