Jun 20, 2005

This morning went to Mcca's for breakfast with Lydia n Windi. Hotcakes - YUMMY!!! (Haven't have them for quite a while lah...) Went there early in the morning cuz others got exam at 9:30am. Good luck everyone! (Now 9:55 am in lib NW-2 with Lydia sitting beside me)

Tomorrow is my LAST PAPER - YaYyyy!!!! Vertebrate Physiology (Vet107) - I think it will be easier than BMS 101, at least got no essays but only lots of multiple choice and short questions. I think I did okay for my BMS - about 90% of the stuff which I didnt study DID NOT come out, so that was a relief HAHA. The essays were *...erm...* I think ok lah... I answer the one on Encephalization (memories from Year 12 H.Bio) and Ageing + death, my 3rd essay was about birth gestation and sth do to with respiration (I forgot how the baby grows differently each month). Dun think I didn't do too well for that one lah - I think I did not answer the question properly... well, I just hope to pass, thats all.. *fingers crossed*

Well well, I shud go back now to study since I haven't start studying for tom's exam :P After tom's exam we plan to go sing K *hehe*


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