Jul 27, 2005

Didn't feel like blogging lately. Wasn't in the mood - have to come back 1 week earlier for UWA, but I just dropped that unit today, so basically I come back for nth. FuxK.....

Anyway, great news at murdoch - THE LENG ZAI IS DOING CHIROPRACTIC!!! But I dun have to guts to talk to him, He doesn't seem to hang out with any asians... damn it!! Aiyo.. just the thought of him makes me crazy HAHAHA

Well well, I am very determine (at this very moment) to get all Ds or HDs this term - I wanna change my course to Vet... I know the road is tough but at least I shud try my best rite?

Diamond... Diamond... work hard work hard.....no pain - no gain...

*~~Love u all~~*

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