Jul 4, 2005

Macau's weather is terrible - rain, rain, rain then sun... it just feel so sticky... maybe next year I won't go back during this time and perhaps go to the East for a holiday - I really can't stand the weather here!!!

My holidays are quite boring - its too hot to go out during day time and I am back to my old life as a vampire (erm.. I mean I am only active during the nite). I still haven't done much of my shopping yet as the weather is too hot for any sort of *hehe* physical activities... Man, I gotta be quick as I might have to go back to Perth NEXT WEEK because for SOME STUPID UWA THING!

AND I GAIN WEIGHT~~~~~~~ *AHHHHHHH* OH MY GOD........ GAIN WEIGHT!!!!! SHIT MAN..... We go out to eat everynite and the earliest time for dinner is 9 pm, after that go home, sleep maybe? aiyo.... but I am too lazy to go jogging!! I must get back in shape before I come back to perth man.. if not Windi might laugh at me when I come back HAHAHA

Oh yes... We've got another dog... 6 dogs altogether!! He's a lovely boy - very clever and obidient - thats wad we want - 10 times better than Jason I reckon... But he doesn't seem to listen to me much... he listens to my mother and he follows her everywhere. He's like a bandaid sticking to my mum!

Take care everyone - see u guys back in Perth!!!


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