Sep 11, 2005

Oh man... put on weight ONCE AGAINNN!! Last nite Lydia came over for dinner, we made Chicken rice, chinese-style fried beef, veges, egg&shrimp soup, and of cuz.. the very yummy but SUPER fattening desert.. PUMKIN SAGO!!!! But I have to admit.. the chicken rice and Sago was VERY VERY YUMMY!!!

So in the end.. instead of studying for MAS183, Lydia and I watch "New Police Story", have a bit of laugh...

*arrghhh* so went to the gym this morning.. suppose to go to the library to Lydia after that, but I have a headache lar... a bit reluctant to go.. *sorry Lydia!!*

I told myself that I have to get my ass moving at 3pm.. but now at 4:20, i am still online chatting and wasting my very valuable time. Ai~~ next time dou hai go to library study.... >_<

~~Good luck to everyone who are having/going to have exam~~

God Bless ;>

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