Sep 9, 2005

*Whew* Friday's finally over - all my reading logs, presentation and lab report DONE!! A big thanks to Xtine *mwah* luv u lots darlin! REALLY BIG BIG HELP *hehe*

After a very dun-no-wad-to-do lab session, me and Xtine headed home, just across the grass near the gym was a man with 2 VERY VERY CUTE Samoyed!!! OH MAN!!! I WISH I COULD HAVE ONE!!! So of cuz, me and Xtine go and pet the dogs lar.. haha life here is missing something without animals!!!

I was told that one of my dogs might have oral cancer.. but I was just so shock lar.. i didn't expect that so I didn't ask my mum for too much details...*sigh* that dog is 1 of my favourite.. and she has been with us for approximately 14 years.. *cries* I hope she's ok...

I am left with chem assigment, study for MAS183, and Cell Bio exam on wednesday...

~~so stressed~~

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