Oct 5, 2005

Found something interesting that day, sorry about the lousy translation.. I've tried my best already.. the original in chinese is at the bottom - read it if u can.

The difference between Water and Coke

Uses of water:
1. 75% of people's body actually suffered from long term dehydration.

2. 37% of the people mistake 'thirst' for hunger.

3. Even just a bit of dehydration can slow ur metabolism down by 3% or more.

4. Not drinking enough water is the main reason for feeling tired during the day.

5. Research has shown that by drinking 8-10 glasses of water can reduce back pain up to 80%.

6. By decreasing as little as 2% of the water in ur body can affect ur concentration, short-term memory and basic analysis.

7. Drink more water can reduce the chance of having bower cancer.

Uses of Coke:
1. To remove the rust from ur car's bumper: get some aluminum foil and roll it into a lump or sth, add a bit of Coke, and rub it against the rusty areas.

2. To clean/remove the "corroded stuff" in ur car's battery, pour Coke on the end of the battery (terminal i guess??, sorry about this one, I am not sure about the translation).

3. To remove the rusty-yucky stuff on ur lock, dip ur towel with a bit of Coke and rub on the rusty places, the rust shud come off.

4. (Oh, I like this one!) Bake Ham : pour a can of Coke into a baking tray, wrap the ham with aluminum foil, cut open the aluminum foil 30 mins b4 it was done (hey, they didn't say how long we have to cook b4 that!!) poor all the juice.. everything in to that baking try and bake until the the Coke concentrated but juicy? (dun quote me on that one!)

5. Remove grease on clothes: pour a can of Coke into the washing machine, add ur normal washing power/liquid, choose the 'normal' washing process. (I hope it doesn't remove the stains but attract the ants!!)

6. you can use Coke can also clean ur windscreens!!!

Did u know...
1. The active ingredient phosporic acid (磷酸) in Coke has a pH of 2.8, it can dissolve a nail in 4 days. The phosporic acid also leads to a decrease of calcium in bones, and is the main reason for brittle bones and osteoporosis.

2. Trucks transporting concentrated Coke have to put the sign "CONTAIN DANGEROUS SUBSTANCE" on their truck.

3. Coke distributors have been using Coke to clean engines for 20 years.

Would you choose Coke or water now??

(Here is the original chinese version!!)


1.去除車頭保險桿的鐵?:把錫紙搓成一團﹐點上可口可樂, 然後在有需要的地方擦
3.生?鎖頭: 用一塊沾有可樂的毛巾抹生?部分
4.焗火腿: 倒一罐可樂進焗盤,把火腿用錫紙包好﹐完成前30分鐘打開錫紙,把汁液倒進可樂焗至有濃肉汁
6. 可樂亦能夠清理擋風玻璃


2. 運載濃縮可樂的貨車需要掛上危險物品的警告牌


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