Oct 7, 2005

Thx to Xtine..... here's 5 random facts about myself on the top of my head:

1. I love to eat - when I am hungry I eat, when I am bored I eat, when I am studying I eat, when I watch TV I eat... not that I love the food, I just like to chew something when I am doing something. The sad thing is.. I gain weight extremely fast, unlike Daniel (G4, I am referring to u!!), if I eat wad u eat.. MAN I am not going to be a pig.... I WILL BECOMING A WHALE!!!!

2. I have mood swings - all the time. I duno if its related to PMS.. but.. yah.. When I am in a bad mood, I dun talk much, very quiet.. if I talk, usually I am cussing somebody/thing who/which was the cause of my 'mood swing' When I am in good mood, I smile, I talk, I joke.... My best friend Juliana could tell u wad a difference it can be when I am in a good mood or a bad mood.

3. I LOVEEEEE ANIMALS - there is no doubt... I treat animals far better than I treat people. I am just crazy about animals. Some of my dreams when I was young was to pursuit a career relating to animals (no killing sorry) like.. animal scientist, a wildlife observer.. become a photographer for National Geographic... a vet.. Ha-ha.. non of these come true... I try to have a go for Vet but I was bloody lazy in Year 12.. Oh well.. I'll just have to keep keeping pets to satisfy myself?? *lol*

4. I can't wake up early - Xtine and Ada would probably notice how not-often they see me in the 8:30 lecture.... I JUST CANT MOVE MY BODY OUT OF THE BED!!!! *big deal* ah.. I'll try sleeping earlier from now on....

5. I'll have a crush on somebody... and very soon drop out of it.. hahaha its like.. I'll be interested in you for a few weeks and suddenly dunno why I wont be nterested in u anymore. Well well... its 95% true.. I ONCE have a crush on somebody for like 3 years, but when I get to know they guy, I was like "oh fuck..." and of cuz, I dun like that guy anymore *lol*

The next 5 pserons.... you.. YOu...you.. You.. and YOU.... Thx guys...


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