Nov 21, 2005

Haf fun on friday - have Macca's with G4 and Xtine.. then went shopping for JJk's bday present - there were lots of 'potential' presents haha including very girly teddy bears, cologne... transparent boxers *yummm* G-strings... Woow.. there's just a wide range to choose from...

Then we went to see the exorcism of emily rose - gez.. that was scary.. some of the horror scenes kept playing in my mind... I AM SCARED.... Xtine and I were having our bags halfway up our face - just to cover our eyes.. and JJK had his hand on my... my... Popcorn box all the time...*lol* he finishes most of it and we made a mess out of popcorns :)

Then we went to rent some more movies to see in Currie Hall.. it was cold, but thx for JJK's pillows! They are great for covering ur eyes and keep u warm. And yeah.. the pizza was great!! It so yummy!!

And big thanks to G4 for taking us home and the luggage!!!

I am really enjoying my holidays now... no more stress!!!

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