Nov 14, 2005


I honestly duno if I shud be glad that it is over, or sad because it is over.
I am pretty sure about 5% of the answers, the rest 95% I just guessed it.... man.. it was hard!!

For the first paper I had no idea wad equations to use nor wad answers to choose (59 MC). The second paper was Organic chem, life's easier since it was an open book exam. Thank god I haven't throw away my year 12 chem notes - that proves the wonderful Mr. Spasic was right in spending so much of his meaningful time (in and out of class) making those question booklets for us. I was referring to that book MOST of the time during the exam.

KO... KO... my chem exam today KO... ahh~~ god ah.... pls let me pass!!! I am just asking for a 50!! I JUST NEED TO PASS!! PASS IS WHAT I WANT!!! I dun want to take supplementary exams.. nor did I want to take the unit again next year.. I might have to re-do my year1 if that happens (core uni mah..)

2 down, 2 more to go... Stats and Bio ethics ... can't wait for exams to be over!!

Aiii~~~~ depressed.... Tomorrow is Jojo's chem paper.. wish her good luck man!

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