Nov 12, 2005

Cell bio - down today ... still 3 more to go.

I have been studying hell hard this week, especially for chem... I am trying to study everything in Chem in just 3 days, which to be honest, is impossible. I am not that smart - I was doing the 2005 mid-semester exam, it took me like TEN hours do to half of the paper which was suppose to be done within 2 hours. MAN I'm gonna fail this chem exam! This is actually the first time I am so confident in saying that I am going to fail it.

About cell bio today.. well, the paper wasn't hard really, but if you have put all ur time studying the past exam papers and the unit notes, you'll surely get a HD, but I didn't do that...I was focusing on chem - cuz u really can't study chem in just 1 day, not me anyway. I only study cell bio on monday, tue and friday and this morning. I am overload, exhausted, tired. I was suppose to study chem now but I really can't. I AM TOO TIRED... my brain is not working anymore. So I guess I will go to bed now.. wake up early tomorrow and start.

Wish me luck guys.... Chemistry on monday morning ... *die lar*

gdnite ppl, good luck with all ur exams!!

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