Nov 6, 2005

Its the 6th November, 6 more days before my first exam, and I am sitting here updating my blog instead of studying for my exams. I am tired - both mentally and physically. I need to get away from Perth and school - but not until I finish the exam..

I already got plans for my holiday, but I dun want to spend too much time away from home. I miss Macau - my family, pets, friends and food; I miss everything about Macau. I don't see myself staying here after I graduated, this kind of lifestye just don't suit me.

I planned to go to Paris for a couple of days during the holidays, but since the riots' getting worst, I think we might have change it to somewhere else - I was thinking to go to Greenland.. but gez.. that place wud be fucking cold..... and I personally don't see any 'future' terrorist attack happening there, so it might be safer... HAHAHA

Alright... gotta listen to Ilecture now.. I missed out too many lectures!!!

~~~Take care ppl~~~ *MUACKS*

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