May 1, 2006

CHICKEN!! I AM A CHICKEN!!! HAHA I didn't dare to prick my fingers as I thought I wud have... *~~la la~ chicken~~* EEeeww the sight that TINY little needle gave me goose bumps... NAH, NOT DOING IT... altho I fasted for almost 20 hours... wad a waste ~_~

Anyway, since I didn't do that glucose tolerance test, I went to buy my self a spring roll... about like half an hour later I went to buy a .. *hmm...* sth like a pancake with peanuts.. peanut butter in the middle? Anyway, its pretty yummy, is a malay-indo thing (I am sure), then I bought coke (I WAS STARVING!!!). After the lab finished went home and ate a mango, then some noodle thing that Vicky had cooked... that was pretty nice actually! Now I am sitting here waiting for it to digest a bit more then I will go and clean the house.

Something TERRIBLE has happen to me - the ants seem to have made a new home in my wardrobe... fuck lah.. WAD ON EARTH ARE U DOING THERE? I only saw them this morning... that means they are new... I put ant sand there hope it goes away. Like last time they made a new home in the pantry... took me a week drive those irritating aliens out... same as last time, they seem to have find a path or made a new home in cracks of the frame, u no wad i mean? ITS SO FUCKING IRRITATING!!!!!!

Anyway, see how it goes lor.... I honestly tot about moving house but the location of this house is perfect! The fuckin ants are wad drive me nuts... they always come INTO the house.... last time Jojo's toilet.. then the my wardrobe.... WHAT THE FUCK DO U BUGGERS WANT???


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