Apr 30, 2006

We did an experiment on lung capcity on friday's physio lab, and I was the subject (since Xtine dunno how to exhale HAHA). From the results obtained, apparently I have BIG LUNGS!!! So now, when u ppl say I am "長氣", I GOT SCIENTIFIC REASON FOR IT!!

Oh well, the holidays are over and I am once again overload with test and lab reports. I did my assigment on Neonatal Hypoglycaemia today (altho I haven't finish yet...) and another hour or so I am going to play badminton with Windi.

Tmr we got a biochem lab in which we all have to fast for 10 hours - we are going to measure our own fast blood glucose level. I shud have damn good fun in prickin my very own fingers.....

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