Apr 24, 2006

My 21st Bday (Part2)

Thx for coming to my dinner guys :)

Thx 2 Windi, Jindi and Lydia for shopping with me that morning... *hehe*

*Hmm....* It's been a week after the bday and I dunno what to say.... but really, that was the best bday I ever had and I thank everyone who's taken part in the surprise party and most importantly, the one who organised it *hint hint*

Here are some pics taken during the dinner at Hogsbreath....

me and Xine!!

Haha this one is just for fun :D

The food was alrite I guess, some said it was good, some said it was okay.... I ordered a medium rare steak and they gave me a 100% cooked one.... ai.. tough! Anyway, I enjoyed it!!!!

Bye for now... need to study for physio....

Haha byebye for now :D

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