Apr 17, 2006

My 21st Birthday (Part 1)

A word to describe the excatly moment I walked throught the door: HUH!!???
(All I can hear was ppl yelling and 'pop!' and seeing bits and pieces of paper flying around the room)

A few words to describe the next moment I looked at the crowd: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!???
(A quick glance through the crowd and realised those faces look ~~ very familiar...)

When I realised what was going on: OH ..MY...GOD!!!
(AHH!!! I realised they had planned a surprise birthday for me!!! WTH, you guys were a bunch of bloody .... actors!!! Use 'Siew Bang Lien' to 'tum' me into Utopia... haha liar liar....)


This was the first time I ever had a surprise bday party and... Windi... *mucks* sorry for being 'not very co-operative' along the way and make u so worried about the whole thing... I LUV U!!!!! BUT u were sucessful, rite??

And yea... of cuz I was happy, really happy. But I didn't think I did a very good job... I shud be entertaining rite? But instead I went to play cards and not doing my usual thing - SINGING!!! Aiya, shy lah, sing in front of so many ppl... (I scared they'll get cold mah!) But the Honkies were entertaining *lol* interpret the songs in their own ways, giving me goose bumps... HAHA

So the whole nite we were sorta playing cards for hours or singing to urself while u can hear Windi's group screaming and laughing behind :) I think they enjoyed it haha.

I wonder what would happen if I didn't go? HAHA, shud have guessed that Windi was planning sth!! Every time she looked at me and give me this evil lookin smirk!! I SHUD HAVE GUESS SO!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!! Thanks for the cake and MOST importantly, ur effort and heart for bringing me such a big surprise for my 21st birthday!!!


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