Sep 24, 2006

Finally updated my rusty blog.... has been 59 days since I last blogged.

Change the layout as well cuz I was bored withthe old one... I know this isn't too good but anyway... might change it again during the next break (X'mas) *hehe*

So, still the same old thing with sch, but luckily this semester is so much more relaxing than the last one, last semester I have 5/6 of "my life" taken away from me - as in time, mentally, and physically... everything!

I put on a freakin 3 kg!!! OMG OMG! FUCKIN CHEESECAKES!!! ITS MAKING ME FAT!! WHY ARE GOOD TASTING FOOD SINFUL??? *sobs* you dun have to tell me.. I know I need to go to the gym.... I'll go after I feel better.. -_-

OOO went the the Chow Chow breeder with Xtine and her mum (thx auntie for asking me to go!!) I HAVE SUCH A GREAT TIME THERE!!! THEY HAVE SO MANY CHOW CHOWS!!!! ADORABLE!!! There were like...40 dogs there I guess!? OMG, JUST SO MANY! ^o^
I hope I can get 'something' next year! hurhur


Hov said...

ms shiny diamond, sinful food is the reason why girls live...
guess who i am since that is so not my real name. :P
see u in the beautiful macau in 3 months!!

Diamond said...

adelina... wad a name... y doesn't it relate to Jun?