Sep 30, 2006


Quite a few of my frds are having problems with their relationships lately: thinking of break up, on the verge of breaking up, broke up or how to get on with life.

I've never written anything about love/relationships - this is my first time, but I hope I can give you guys a few take home messages/advices.

1. (A quote from Dr. Phil) "Never invest in a relationship more then you can afford to lose." - this is the No.1 rule you must all remember. Love is not something that will last forever. I hate to see people investing soooo much into their relationship blindly, and that when things ended ugly, it turns their world upside down and they don't know how to get on with life again. WORST OF ALL, they try to commit suicide. Now, that is the most ridiculous, selfish and stupid thing that you should NEVER do. If that person doesn’t treasure you, it is he/she who missed out, go find somebody else who does treasure you, why "waste" your life for someone who doesn't give it shit about you??

2. DUN Committing suicide (It really irritates everytime I read on the newspapers that some idiot committed suicide because they break up with the love ones)
A) there's nothing left in the world for me to go on… nothing to love… or I am just unlovable...
B) I'll kill myself so that you can regret it for the rest of your life .

? What about your family and frds? These are the people who loves you and whom you should love, not that son of a bitch/bitch who doesn't give a shit, ok?? (Go get yourself cat or a dog, animals will give u 110% even u only give them 90%!)

MAKE THEM REGRET? Aiya!!! dun be stupid, they will regret for some time but for HOW LONG? They will move on with their life and now you are dead. The best way to make them regret is to live life to the fullest, proof to them what they missed out on. This is the best way to make them regret, not die!

3. Forget the quote from those princess stories, "...and they live happily ever after.' Not that it won't happen, but is it going to happen to you? If I say it happens 1 in every 100, will you be the 99, or 100? Just keep mind that not every relationship ends happily. (As the current saying goes: you get married to get divorce 結完就婚)

4. Even if you are 100% committed to this relationship, sometimes things just don't work out as you hoped – its time to do some serious thinking about your relationship, if you cannot change it, end it.

5. If he/she has cheated on you, he/she will do it again. Stop lying to yourself that he/she’s going to change – once a cheater, always a cheater (It's like me promising myself tat I shall never buy chocolates because they make me fat, but then again, I bought it! WHY? Cuz I just can't resist temptation!!).

6. If he/she is leaving their other half for you, think again – he's gonna leave you for somebody else in the future, so don't be stupid!

7. A Man can change a woman, but a woman cannot change a man.

8. (For people who thought of marry the other half...) If you finally realize that he/she is not the person that you can spend rest your life with, isn't it time to leave? Why waste time on that person if he/she’s just not the one! Let it go and move on. (Girls especially, cuz we ‘age’ faster than men *hehe) Go look for someone who will care for you and can care for your needs.

9. Can't leave that person? Think of the bad things about them… never the good ones – think about your 'future' together, is there one? Does he/she care for ur feelings or cater for ur needs? Is he/she there at the times you need him/her the most? Does your frds help/care for u even more then he/she does? (If your answer is all NO *except the last one, and you still can't leave him/her, tell me and I'll slap you!!)

10. Next time when u want to start a relationship with someone, make sure u open ur eyes and LOOK! Know that person well b4 you get together. Dun just 'fat how' (發姣) and fall in love (I know I am a bit mean here). Its not hard - get to know his/her frds and believe me, u can get A LOT of info….. more than u ever think! People act sooo differently when they are courting you, making themselves look 'perfect'. As time passed, you'll see who they really are. So when things go ugly, dun sit there and cry saying he’s like this and like that BEFORE, he’s always been like that, just that he didn't do it in front of u at that time.

ANYWAY.. its such a long post... Enjoy people... I need to do my review paper now. Cheers! ;>


Anonymous said...

I hav to say its a good post~!*


Diamond said...

haa u are the first one who even notice the 'comments' link.. hehe