Oct 28, 2006


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Just before you read this post, please note the the following may offend some people, especially men. But then again, it is my blog. And dun leave any angry comments. I will delete them.

It doesn't quite make sense to me how Sheik Hilaly, as Australia's national Muslim leader, could make comments like that.

click here to read Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali's comments

He said....

He's (man) responsible for the expenses, for the food and water. He is the one who has to pay the rent, he is responsible for the alimony, he is responsible for feeding his children.

It's the price u HAVE to pay if you wanna wear the pants!!

It's just simple logic.....

Nothing comes for free. I wud have agree if we're still living in the year 18th, 19th century, but hey we are living in the 21st century where women do go to work n 'bring the bacon'. During the day we work. After work, we go home and do housework, cook for the family, teach the kids how to do their homework. Meanwhile a lot of the men just come home, lay down on the couch and watch TV, play with the kids maybe? If you are tired after work, so are we!!! Even if we dun work, its ur responsibility to pay the bills because you too, live in the house, use electricity, water n gas, and its ur kids damn it!

Maybe circumstances forced him and (....) with a woman from hell (...) she never has enough. She wants to change the furniture, change the lounge every year... And behind every man who is a thief, a greedy woman. She is pushing him.

That is Ridiculous!!! Men dun want to change their TV, mobile phone, camera, computer or cars huh?? They want the most expensive camera + gadgets and also the new car they've just seen on Cars Guide. They want a new car to show off to their mates and impress some chicks. A big plasma TV so that they can scream n yell when their mates come over for the game. And lemme tell ya, if the woman keeps change furniture every year, that's because u've bought her a cheap one last year it has already fallen apart, that's why she needed a new one this year.

And no matter how much he brings her, she wants more. She wants to change the car, and change...

Of course, the woman keeps demanding from her husband more than his ability. Either she will tell him to go and deal in drugs, or to go and steal.

W - T - F He must have some personal experiences which caused him to gave comments like that.

I personally wudn't keep asking my man for things which I know he cannot afford. Instead of encouraging him to steal, I'd encourage him to work hard, get to the top n save money for the future (e.g. for family, the kids or emergency).

Only a greedy man with no brains wud follow the greedy woman's advice to steal.

The more he said.. the more i wanna punch him in the face.....

He then compared women who don't wear hijab-style dress to meat left out for cats.

If one puts uncovered meat out in the street, or on the footpath, or in the garden, or in the park, or in the backyard, without a cover and then the cats come and eat it, is it the fault of the cat or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem... If she was in her room, in her house, wearing her hijab, being chaste, the disasters wouldn't have happened. The woman possesses the weapon of seduction and temptation.

So women have to be covered from head to toe just because you men tend to act like dogs ?

WTF.... if thats the case, let me put it this way, men shud be castrated because they know nothing about self-control. Men shud become eunuchs!!

If men are like dogs humping bitches they see in the street.... LETS CASTRATE THEM!!!

We put make up, go to the gym to stay fit so that when u men bring us bring out, ur frds envy you because ur gf/wife is pretty. We just wanna make u fell proud. Did we do anything wrong?

I can start hearing some of u guys saying 'But I dun mind about appearence....'

Come on lah, when men say they dun mind about their partner's appearances, its a fukin lie! They care like hell. They say the opposite becuz then dun wanna make themselves look shallow.

When we caught u cheating, your reason was, 'She's hotter than u!" or "You are so yellow n saggy!!" Therefore, please dun blame us for spending our $$ on cosmetic, because you (men) are the reason why we have to buy them.

So at the end of the day, any misfortune that happens is the woman's fault. It is our fault that men have to rob banks to satisfy our unlimited wants. Rape happens becaue we dun cover from head to toe. Its wrong to wear make up and make ourselves look beautiful because it seduces men. Its even more wrong because its us women who gave birth to sons who doesn't have a brain to think for themselves.

If I (Hilaly) receive a crime of rape - kidnap and violation of honour - I would (...) the man and teach him a lesson in morals, and I would order the woman be arrested and jailed for life.

I pity Hilaly, I really do. I feel sorry for his family for having to put up to a man like that, especially his wife. Typical naive male with no respect for woman. Typical men who blame others for everything except himself.

But ladies, dun be too angry. The fact that Sheik Hilaly compare men with men, rather than dogs because even he knew, dogs are more intelligent than cats *hint hint*. Even dogs can be trained to leave their 'meat' alone until their owner give signals, yet men can't!

Dogs will be trained to be a woman's most trusted nanny in the new future....

And God created man before woman because he needs a rough draft before the Masterpiece!

Now... do I sound like Hilaly??

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