Oct 30, 2006


I know I shudn't be blogging rite now, but I seriously dun feel like studying at the moment.

Pressure is building up as exams get nearer - Finals is in 2 wk's time. I got my microbiology lab test on Wed, a poster to hand in by Friday and 2 online forensic assignments. Once again, procrastination wins -_-

Why is it that every time I took out my book, start reading, and will fall asleep within the first 15 mins??

Talking about my lab test, the lecturer told us, "Its not a very hard test. 1 hour, open (lab) bk exam and its going to be 'easy' if you know all ur lab bk well."

Well, that includes knowing how to stain bacteria (which is damn easy), know the different types culture media, all the biochem test and what their results mean. I seem to have trouble with the "Gram stain Trees" - as I'm still not too sure how to use them >.< I need a good read on those staphyl, streptococcus, or salmonella, etc. Dun think the lab bk has much info on that... and I dun think 1 hour is a lot for flipping the pages.

*Fingers crossed* Can't screw this one up cuz I screwed the virus part oredy (21/35). I know the lab test is only a little 10%, but at the moment where I am going, this unit might be my first unit ever to get a 'Pass'!! Which for me, is totally unacceptable... a "C" is already bad enough... a "HD" is wad I've always aimed for but hasn't been achieved... "D" is the highest I ever had. Wad makes me even more frustrated is that I am only 1 mark away from a HD!!! DAMN!!!

Just finish watching the Australian Idol (Top 5) - one of my favourite, Ricky Muscat is gone...
*cries* aww... my cute guy is gone *sobs*

Awww..... How can u not love him?

Wish there's a guy who'll sing to me like that . . . how sweet !! (must look like him too!!)

Btw, its Halloween tmr.

~~~Happy Halloween~~~

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