Mar 2, 2007

I want to have a pet too!

Xtine's cat - Nokie!

She is such a little darling! Beautiful cat with a big belly... unlike the owner who is underweight *lol* loves affection and never really bites u hard. Aww... I want to take her home!!

Xtine's Chow chow - Kimi and Zen

Such affectionate dogs!! keep licking me until I feel down to the ground! Zen is so chubby and Kimi is so smart!

Hui's dog - Bromie and Cotton

Bromie is the princess and Cotton is such gentleman! Cotton is now my favourite because he comes when u called him, Bromie has a bit of attitude problem - she just looks at u and doesn't come to u!

Oh well, I wish I can have one too... but I can't rely on my housemate to look after it when I am away for 3 months at the end of the year, and I dun think its fair to put the dog in the kennel for such a long time. But I wanted one soooo badly!!!!

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