Mar 11, 2007

Mini Zoo

Talked to mum today and she told me she has adopted a yellow-crested cockatoo. Somebody surrendered their bird to ANIMA (an animal organization) and they called my mum to see if she will take the bird in.

I guess they've called the right person!!

This is obviously not my new bird... just wanna show u how it looks like in case u dunno.

I think our house is turning into a mini zoo...

We currently have
- 8 cats
- 4 dogs
- 2 rabbits
- 14 turtles (small, medium & large)
- 12 koi fish
- 1 cockatoo

Mum also told me that QQ has been very naughty... she chewed my mum's shoes and chase away all the birds that came to have a feed in the garden (we put bird food there and every afternoon and there's about 30+ birds that will come to eat).

my ugly looking QQ again.. I reckon she looks like those Kelpie X or sth...

Just hope that she and Rocky won't fight again.

Mummy missed u all~~ *mwah*

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