Mar 14, 2007

Is it okay to eat dog meat - Part 1

Me and Vicks were watching this program called, "Dog Meat in Korea" during dinner time. A BBC reporter travelled to Korea to uncover the story. He thought he would give the national's cuisine a try at the very beginning; but the more he sees and the more he uncovers, the reporter swears that he's never gonna eat dog meat from korea.

At the end of his 8-day trip, his Korean host(s) throws him a big, fancy 'dog' meal.

Does this looks yummy to u?

Not for me!!!

Still, the BBC reporter wouldn't take a single bite. *Good on u mate!!*

I guess I do not have the right to judge if its okay to eat dog meat, cat meat or whatever. In China, they eat dogs and cats too... in fact, I couldn't think of anything that the Chinese wudn't eat. We have a saying in chinese: "背隻向天既野都食得" which means you can basically eat anything that 'has their back facing the sky'.

Gross... I think its just gross.

Which leads me to my question: If we can eat beef, pork, chicken, kangaroo, fish, etc... why not dogs and cats?

Because dogs are a man's best friend?

THEN GOATS CAN BE YOUR BEST FRD TOO!! (my mum's frd had a goat as a pet, they said it is as smart as a dog can be!)

I've never tried dog or cat meat. I remembered when I was young, I went to this restaurant in China. While we were ordering our food, the waitress asked us if we are interested in dog or cat meat (its winter time back then) - I made me feel sick... sick to my stomach!! I turned my head around and saw all these poor cats and rabbits in cages. I felt like crying. I asked my parents, 'Why the hell must they eat cats and rabbits? Aren't they suppose to be our pets?' And I think the answer was, 'In china, they eat everything that has their back facing the sky."

I do walked past that restaurant area sometimes, and it brings back old memories everytime.

A couple of years ago, we walked past another restaurant. Its winter time everyone, so u wanna have a guess whats on this time???


Me and my mum were shocked... my dad wasn't but anyway, me and my mum stopped and we petted the donkey for a long, long time. It was such a gentle thing!! I wondered if its the first time he felt love and affection from us humans. I really wonder.

We were sad, the donkey was even more sad. You might not believed me but I think the donkey was crying.

There were tears in his eyes...

I think he knew he's gonnabe slaughter, in a cruel way, too. Even now I could still remembered those innocent eyes looking as us, begging us to save him. If it could talk, I am sure he's gonna ask us to 'buy me and get me the hell out of here!'

Its very unfortunate that we dun have a house in China at that time. Sometimes this whole donkey thing pops up between me and mum's conversation, we both agreed that we could have save that donkey if we only have a house in China.

Unlucky fella... if we could have met now, we could have save you!!

So back to the question... is it okay to eat dog meat?

Did they just say 'cheese'?!

I shall answer that question in Part 2 - I need time to re-organize my thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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