Mar 17, 2007

Is it okay to eat dog meat - Part 2 (Pls read Part 1 b4 u read Part 2)

So, back to where we were last time:

Really when u think about it, why is it okay to eat cows, pigs, chicken etc... and not dogs and cats?

Because they are cute and loyal to their owners?

I think rabbits and kangaroos are fuckin cute!! Cows are loyal to their farmers too!

Maybe because they can express emotions?
A pet pig will express the same emotions as a dog. The ones u see on the farm (of cuz) won't show much emotions because they've never bond with humans before. Same goes for a wild/street dog - do u think they will let u pet them and lick ur hand?

* And the Tiger Shall Lie Down with the Piglet

A Royal Bengali tigress named Sai Mai, born in a zoo in Thaila nd's Chonbury province in 2002 and nursed by a mother pig, in young adulthood made friends with a litter of baby pigs introduced to her. This is part of the zoo's program of achieving the harmonious co-existence of animals of different species by bringing them together in early life ---- Contributed by Karen Borch


Aren't they just adorable?

I used to think its gross to eat dogs and cats - we keep them as pets thus we shudn't eat them. But ever since I watched videos on how they slaughter pigs and cows, it made me realised why we shouldn't eat cows and pigs as well.

Cows hanging alive upside down while waiting to be slaughter...

Cutting their
jugular vein....

And here is ur product!

I really want to ask those people who are anti-dog/cat meat but is still eatting meat - Do u really think cows and pigs have no feelings? How do u know if cows, pigs, chicken or goats are not loyal to their owners? If you think dog meat is grosssss, how come the steak on ur plate is yummy?

Click here if u still think ur steak is yummy.

Once again, thanks for reading. Any thoughts?


Case Animal Rights & Ethics Society said...

This is a really good post. I love the picture of the pigs and the tiger! Animals are so much more compassionate than us humans! Makes me glad to be a vegan :)

Dia said...


and I wonder how u can manage to find this post since I delete my blog so long ago =D